No workplace, industry, or type of project can be 100% hazard-free. Yet, to achieve a fully safe environment should be the goal of every employer and every employee. Work safety is a serious matter, and something that cannot be taken lightly. To have your workplace be most effective and productive, attention to the details of safety are paramount. When your employers are in danger of injury or fatality, it not only limits your overall business potential, it puts you in the position of possible legal and ethical dilemmas. Want to keep your people safe? We’ve compiled 10 striking statistics about safety in the workplace. These will help remind you of the vital importance of outstanding safety…and how you can make positive changes in the right direction.

1. In the 13 years from 2003 to 2015, 3,207 Australian workers lost their lives in work-related incidents. (Source)
All types of work and workplaces pose inherent risks. Minimising them is essential, and will help reduce statistics such as these.

2. Fatal injuries are higher among older workers. (Source)
Important considerations may need to be made for workers of an advanced age. All employees should be fully trained in using the proper safety equipment and following appropriate procedures.

3. Agriculture, forestry, and fishing are among the industries with the highest rate of occupational fatalities. (Source)
These industries will require additional, specialised safety elements to prevent injury or death. Working with a well-reputed safety consultancy can help you to identify and mitigate the risks in these industries.

4. Slips, trips, and falls cause 15% of all accidental deaths. (Source)
Safe work at heights is a necessity in all fields, but is especially applicable in industries such as construction and mining. Even workers in less manual industries can fall victim to a tripping hazard. Your business needs a strong, established system for keeping workers safe at heights, securing stable and non-slip flooring, and preventing falls, slips, or tripping.

5. In Australia in 2011, 612 diagnoses of mesothelioma were reported to the Australian Mesothelioma Registry. 51% of those patients diagnosed in 2011 passed away. (Source).
Work-related illness is also a common occupational hazard. Learn how to provide the safest possible working conditions for your team and lower the potential of exposure to harmful chemicals and compounds.

6. Back injuries are one of the leading causes of workplace injury, and account for the 2nd most missed days of work by employees. The first cause is the common cold. (Source)
Safety starts with simple elements. Are all of your staff members familiar with the proper way to lift heavy loads, for example? This very basic knowledge is a workplace safety essential, even in businesses that may not seem outwardly “hazardous.”

7. Work-related road crashes comprise 1 of 3 occupational fatalities in Australia, and account for 15% of all road accidents. (Source)
It’s no secret that transport poses significant danger to those on the roads. Truck drivers and others in the transport industries need extensive training to ensure they’re continually following best practices. A well-devised system of vehicle maintenance and checks can also aid in keeping your team safe.

8. US-based statistics show that falls from heights accounted for 14% of workplace deaths in 2014. (Source)
Height safety is one of the major elements in a safe workplace. This is key in many industries but may be most apparent in the realm of construction. Let ATL help you develop an overarching plan that protects your team and eliminates fall danger as much as possible.

9. A recent survey showed that ⅓ of employers prioritise productivity over safety. (Source)

This frightening statistic suggests that many employers are not taking their staff’s safety seriously. Don’t be a part of this alarming statistic. Do the right thing and put safety as your number one. Safety is the backbone of a successful business. A safe workplace yields a workplace where employees feel comfortable and can give their best. Productivity will follow, but it all starts with safety.

10. As of 7 June 2017, the total number of Australian workers killed on the job totals 76 people. (Source)
Roughly 11 people have been killed in the current year from workplace incidents. Let’s change the statistics and
work towards making Australian businesses as safe as possible.

To improve the safety of your workplace, consider ATL Safety Solutions for a comprehensive safety audit, consulting, or enrol in one of our excellent courses. Together, we can make your business a safe, secure place for every employee.