As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your employees during work hours. Unfortunately, incidents can happen and more often than not, they occur without warning. Equipping yourself with knowledge is one way to prevent accidents that can lead to serious injuries or even the loss of lives. Here are important things you should know about workplace first aid.

Conducting A First Aid Risk Assessment

The requirements for providing first aid vary from one workplace to another. Therefore, it is important to conduct a first aid risk assessment as it will help you determine what sort of arrangements you need to make to ensure you are prepared for an emergency. The type of work you do, the size of your workplace, and the potential hazards in your work environment will all be taken into consideration during the assessment process.

NSW First Aid Requirements

According to Safe Work Australia, in order to successfully respond to any situation, you must have the right equipment and number of personnel. Each worker must have access to first aid equipment and trained first aiders. It is also recommended that you keep first aid kits close to areas where an injury or illness is likely to occur like the kitchen or warehouse. If you use vehicles in your line of work, each of them must be equipped with a first aid kit.

Safe Work Australia also encourages the construction of a first aid room for workplaces with more than 200 workers, or high-risk workplaces with more than 100 workers.

Number And Placement Of First Aiders

Having trained personnel who know how to administer first aid is essential in emergency situations. According to Safe Work Australia, there should be a first aider for every 50 workers in low-risk workplaces such as corporate offices, and 25 workers in high-risk work environments like a construction site.

Training First Aiders

First aiders must complete a nationally recognised first aid training course offered by a registered training organisation like ATL Safety. Depending on the type of work environment you have, you may require first aiders with more specific or advanced training  to efficiently address risk factors your workers may be vulnerable to. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.