Working at heights is dangerous work. A falls protection system is designed to prevent falls, and in the event that a worker does fall, serious injury is prevented. Falls protection systems are also used when working near edges (such as pits and holes) or working on steep surfaces. The Gridmesh Anchor is one such system, providing revolutionary falls protection in a number of industries such as onshore and offshore drilling rigs, power stations and petrochemical plants.


What Is The Gridmesh Anchor?

The gridmesh anchor is a new and unique falls protection system. It is easy to install and most importantly, much quicker than other temporary anchoring systems that attach to overhead grid mesh.


“The patent-pending design allows a user to set a fall protection anchor point above a grid mesh clad structure across two supporting beams that distribute the load of any fall that occurs. The product can be set up quickly, without the risk of a fall, enabling a worker to access locations below safely without the need for scaffolding, rope technicians or elevated working platforms.”

With a capacity of 1.2 tonne, the gridmesh anchor is rated to 22.2kN (meets or exceeds the requirements for AS/NZS1891.4, ANSI Z359, Canadian OHS Code Sub-Section 152.1(2), EN353-1 for a personal fall protection anchor).

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ATL Safety Solutions sells the gridmesh anchor online in our safety shop. It comes in a handy carry bag (weighing only 21kgs) to ensure all the components stay together. A comprehensive instruction manual details the installation process and key components are clearly marked with serial numbers of easy identification.

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