Despite experiencing some ups and downs in recent years, Australia’s building and construction industry has remained one of the strongest industries in the country. This is why it isn’t surprising that many people are keen on being part of the sector. If you have plans to work for a construction company in New South Wales, there is something you must do first; you have to complete NSW White Card Course to ensure that you’re qualified for the job.

What is a NSW White Card?

Officially known as the Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCOHS1001A training course, the White Card is a mandatory requirement for all labourers working in Australia’s building and construction sector. Even if you’re on a holiday visa and only in Australia for a short period of time, you must secure this requirement first before you can work on a construction site. In other words, the White Card serves as proof you have completed the official construction induction training with a registered organisation.

As stated by the National Code of Practice for Induction for Construction Work, the following people are required to obtain a White Card:

  • Construction labourers
  • Tradespeople
  • Site managers
  • Supervisors
  • Surveyors
  • People who access operational construction zones either unaccompanied or unsupervised
  • Workers who routinely enter operational construction zones

White Card Training

To secure a White Card, you must undergo and successfully complete a White Card course administered by a registered training organisation or RTO. Most employers prefer their workers to have completed such courses face-to-face, rather than undergoing online training. This gives them the assurance that their employees have met all the necessary requirements.

There are many lessons that you will learn when you undergo the White Card training course. Ensuring your safety is of utmost importance when working on a construction site so you will learn about the legal requirement for workplace health and safety in NSW. For example, you will be taught by your instructors how to identify a safety hazard and how to properly report any safety issues on a worksite. You will also learn the measures that you need to take to minimise the risk of an accident or injury and how to correctly respond in case an accident or injury does happen at your workplace.

Finding a White Card Course in Nowra

So what are you waiting for? Call ATL Safety Solutions today to secure your spot on a White Card course in Nowra.

Once you have completed the your training course with ATL Safety, we will provide you with the application forms you need for a new card. We will then submit them to SafeWork NSW and provide you with a statement that you can give to a potential employer to show you have successfully completed the training until your NSW White Card arrives. This statement is valid for 60 days, but you should get your NSW White Card within a month.